Success Story: Private Real Estate Investor

Business Situation: A private real estate investor was looking for a consultant to analyze and provide insight on a financial model for a complex real estate project located in Puerto Rico.

Nerd Selection Process: An alumnus from NYU’s Stern School of Business, with several years of experience in both finance and consulting, was selected for the project.  […]

How to Write a Great Business Plan

A business plan is one of the most important documents that you will write for your new business. You may need a business plan to attract investors and business partners, get a business loan, or simply as an internal document to outline your business’ strategy. The below white paper was written by one of […]

Success Story: CastingHub

Business Situation: CastingHub, Inc., a commercial networking service in the entertainment industry, was looking for a Nerd with an analytical background to help build a pitch deck as well as develop a robust financial model.

Nerd Selection Process: CastingHub selected an MBA alumnus from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management with extensive experience in venture capital and consulting.

Deliverable: The Nerd was […]

7 Trends That Are Disrupting the Retail Industry

Although it’s only April, 2014 is proving to be a transformative year for retail. Every aspect of the industry — from manufacturing to ecommerce — is on the brink of a fundamental shift. To stay competitive, you must learn how to use these customer- and tech-driven megatrends to your advantage:


Customers don’t want to […]

Creating Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage.  One of those business terms that is thrown around often but rarely fully understood.  Truly creating competitive advantage is why companies like Apple, WalMart and Mercedes Benz have been able to outperform over the LONGER term.  At it’s core, the concept of competitive advantage is pretty simple.  How to go about creating […]

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    Inside the Interview: HourlyNerd Co-Founder Peter Maglathlin

Inside the Interview: HourlyNerd Co-Founder Peter Maglathlin

It’s currently a very exciting time at HourlyNerd, but in order for us to reach our true potential we are very focused on hiring smart and driven people who are passionate about our mission of fundamentally changing how businesses solve problems. (hint hint, we are currently hiring!)  Interested in what Co-Founder Peter Maglathlin looks for […]

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HourlyNerd raises Series A from Highland & Greylock

We’re thrilled and honored to announce that HourlyNerd has recently raised Series A funding from two of the world’s premier venture capital firms: Highland Capital and Greylock Partners.  Partnering with firms like Highland and Greylock will allow us to help even more businesses across the world.  Our unwavering goal is to allow businesses of […]

HourlyNerd launches a new and improved website!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched an improved website to better suit our users needs.  In addition to a sleek new look and feel, we have built in a bunch of new functionality to enhance the user experience, which includes:

Ability to view past projects that were completed successfully
Ability to view full profiles of […]

Helpful Frameworks for Pricing Your Product/Service

When launching a new product to the market, it goes without saying that getting the price right is hugely important. Understanding your target customers’ willingness to pay, and pricing your product in such a way that both you and your customer realize value, can make or break the success of a new product launch. […]

WSJ: Tips for Email Effectiveness

In the cutthroat world of corporate email, where attention spans are measured in fractions of a second, a well-crafted subject line can make all the difference.  Just don’t try too hard.

Dan Moskovitz, a rabbi based in Vancouver, used simple flattery to grab the notice of Amazon Inc. chief Jeff Bezos with the subject line, “Thank You! […]

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