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    Case Study Tuesdays: Harvard’s Social Enterprise Conference Finds Success with HourlyNerd

Case Study Tuesdays: Harvard’s Social Enterprise Conference Finds Success with HourlyNerd

Business Profile: The Social Enterprise Conference, an annual event hosted by students from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, is a leading global forum that explores the intersection of business and social impact.

Problem: The Social Enterprise Conference team was looking for help strategically boosting ticket sales for the event.

HourlyNerd Solution: The Social Enterprise Conference team selected a current MBA […]

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    Case Study Tuesdays: Manhattan Margarita Finds Success with HourlyNerd

Case Study Tuesdays: Manhattan Margarita Finds Success with HourlyNerd

Business Profile: Manhattan Margarita is a provider of a pre-bottled, all natural premium margarita.

Problem: Manhattan Margarita was looking for a Nerd to research recent trends in the alcohol industry and create a new cutting-edge business plan.

HourlyNerd Solution: Manhattan Margarita selected a MBA alumnus of London Business School with years of professional consulting experience. The […]

Meet 3 of our Earliest Customers!

We founded HourlyNerd to help businesses around the world solve critical problems, which is what brings every employee into work each morning.  Several of our customers have volunteered their stories, and their experiences are a testament to the rockstar Nerds on our platform.  Click the link below to view a short video that highlights […]

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Tools we can’t live without

Here at HourlyNerd it takes a variety of tools to facilitate the work we do in a day. There’s always a lot going on in our office and we embrace technology that makes our lives—and our jobs easier. Luckily for us there are a bunch of companies out there creating innovative platforms and devices […]

Success Story: Tolbert Enterprise

Business Situation: Tolbert Enterprise, a Human Resources Solutions company that provides the same services as an in-house Human Resources department at an affordable cost, was looking for in-depth research and analysis for a new healthcare business. The project comprised both a go-to-market and robust SWOT analysis. 
Nerd Selection: ElMond Tolbert, Founder of Tolbert Enterprise, selected a recent graduate from […]

Dan Slagen named Chief Marketing Officer of HourlyNerd

Dan Slagen has joined Boston start-up HourlyNerd as chief marketing officer.

Dan will be responsible for building a world class marketing organization while also serving on the executive team to help guide company vision and strategy.

“Dan Slagen is an important addition to HourlyNerd’s management team as we continue to grow and get more deliberate about […]

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Meet a Nerd: Laura from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business

1. What did you do before enrolling in business school and what have you been up to since?

Prior to business school (Duke’s Fuqua School of Business), I spent 3 years working for JP Morgan’s Asset Management group in the Washington, DC Private Bank and then Los Angeles Real Estate team. Then spent a year teaching […]

White Paper: How to determine the perfect price

Let me tell you a pricing secret: Customers don’t really want the lowest price. There’s a ceiling customers won’t go above, but below that is often a broad range of prices they’re willing to pay. What customers really want is the greatest value.
What customers want
Our company, which sells labor and services, experiences a spectrum […]

HourlyNerd announces Co-Marketing Agreement with Ideanco.

BOSTON,  June 3, 2014 – HourlyNerd is proud to announce the signing of a co-marketing agreement with Idea and Company FZ LLC (Ideanco.) of Abu Dhabi, UAE, which will expand HourlyNerd’s client base to the Middle East and Africa.

The new agreement will pair HourlyNerd’s vast network of top-tier MBA consultants with Ideanco.’s innovative crowdsourcing […]

Success Story: Sail Loft

Business Situation: In December 2013 the Sail Loft, a high end Nantucket Retailer,  expanded their presence and opened a new Boston location. The team required financial projections  that would provide insights into annual sales, operating expenses,  and foot traffic for their new store in the Chestnut Hill Mall.

Nerd Selection Process:  After receiving several bids from […]